At a glittering ceremony on February 4th in Salzburg, Austria, Cans For Kids was awarded the World Energy Globe for the category “Youth” in recognition of its work promoting volunteerism in Cyprus, as well as its contribution to the improvement of medical care for sick children on the island.

Television coverage of the ceremony was streamed live by Austrian public broadcaster ORF and watched by millions around the world.
Accepting the award, Cans For Kids’ Vice-President, Rosie Charalambous said it was a huge honour for Cyprus, and she was thrilled by the accolade bestowed on Cans For Kids by the Energy Globe Foundation. She pledged to redouble the charity’s efforts to not only work for sustainable environmental solutions, but to motivate young people to play an active role in society by volunteering their time to contribute to the betterment of society.

The Energy Globe Award was founded in 1999 by Austrian energy pioneer Wolfgang Neumann and is one of today’s most prestigious global environmental awards.

The goal of the Award is to present successful sustainable projects to a broad audience, for “many of our environmental problems already have good, feasible solutions”.

From more than 1000 entries the international Energy Globe Jury selected 16 nominated projects from all continents. The projects ranged from simple initiatives to use our natural resources carefully, high-tech innovations for energy efficiency to the intelligent employment of renewable energies and large scale awareness building focusing on sustainability.

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Energy Globe founder Wolfgang Neumann (far left) with the winners of the 2013 World awards, from left to right: Martin Mohr (Austria, category Fire); Francesca Mancini (UK, category Water); Martha Veronica Rocha (Nicaragua, category Air); Rosie Charalambous (Cyprus, category Youth); Joe Risico (U.S.A. category Earth)