December 5th is International Volunteers Day, and Cans For Kids invited companies, corporations, students, schoolchildren and individuals to give up two hours of their time to participate in some "hands on" volunteering: sorting cans for recycling.

Despite a gloomy weather forecast, the response was very good: the Falcon School supported us again with a bus load of enthusiastic youngsters, and some people even travelled up from Larnaca!

Unfazed when it started to pour with rain, those at the morning session stuck to the task in hand and left us wet, but satisfied with a job very well done. In fact, we were obliged to bale about 320 kilos of the cans sorted in the morning to make enough space for the afternoon volunteers to work under the roof, which afforded them some protection from the elements.

The afternoon session started in the rain but after an hour or so it cleared up, and an impressive number of cans were sorted, ready for baling on Monday.

Warmest thanks to everyone who gave up their time to help.

The winning ticket numbers are: Two Cineplex tickets: numbers 48, 8 and 32. Vouchers for Kids World: numbers 34 and 27.

The morning session started cloudy, but dry

Teams of volunteers spread out beyond the main storage area

They even unloaded the lorry

Sorted aluminium cans on the left, ready for baling

A long way still to go - and the clouds began to gather

The morning batch was baled at lunchtime - this is the work of the afternoon volunteers: sorted aluminium ready for baling on Monday

Steel cans were separated into other bags, and will be baled separately