Youngsters who have been selected to sail with the Tall Ships Youth Trust on a bi-communal voyage in August are giving a week of their time to voluntarily helping good causes.

Despite a promise of hot, dirty work (as opposed to the air-conditioned office jobs they could have chosen) for the last two weekends we have been joined by a happy band of both Greek and Turkish Cypriots who have, literally "mucked in" with the Saturday morning sorting. Our thanks go to Deniz Urfali, Aylin Turgut, Eda Sancar, Andreas Panayiotou and Neoclis Neocleous for their hard work and good humour. We snapped them as they helped reduce the mountain of cans waiting to be processed, though there's still some way to go. Thanks guys, and Bon Voyage!

Andreas, Aylin, Deniz and Eda

Deniz and Eda: still smiling ....

Still a long way to go .....and the next lorry load arrives tomorrow!

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