Cans For Kids’ aluminium recycling centre in Nicosia was inaugurated on December 13th by the head of the Department of the Environment, Nicos Georgiades, in the presence of former Nicosia mayor Lellos Demetriades.
The new facility houses Cans For Kids’ can sorter and baler, and will be the charity’s processing centre for the aluminium cans it collects from all over Cyprus.

The society’s President, Olga Demetriades, thanked Mr Georgiades and Agriculture Minister Timis Efthimiou for the personal interest they had taken in the charity’s work, authorising the construction of the building which houses the can crusher. She also thanked Nicosia mayor Michalakis Zampelas for providing the site, and expressed the hope that aluminium recycling on the island would be boosted by the new facility, which will enable Cans For Kids to extend their activities, thereby increasing the amount of machinery they can give to the Makarios Hospital, which has so far received in excess of £115,000 worth of medical equipment from the charity - bought with the proceeds of can recycling. Mrs Demetriades announced that another £5,000 worth of equipment is to be handed over to the hospital in the next few weeks.

The dignitaries backed Mrs Demetriades’ plea to the public to save their cans over the Christmas holidays and take them to Cans For Kids’ can banks, which can be found in all the major towns, and some villages. Exact locations are listed on the Cans For Kids website:

At Monday’s ceremony, the charity also presented a plaque to Kikis Lefkaritis of Petrolina Holdings (Public) Ltd in recognition of the company’s unstinting support for their efforts. Petrolina has, since 2002, been providing the fuel for the charity’s lorry.
For more information about Cans For Kids, call 99-666011.